About Butch Chelliah

Butch and his wife, Florence, have two daughters, Taylor and Payton. They have centered their lives around their family. They consider the work they do within the home to be the most important work they will accomplish. 

Life Partners


Florence was born in Malaysia and moved to Papua New Guinea at a young age along with her family. At the age of 12, she opted to attend boarding school in England and remained there until the completion of her diploma in Travel and Tourism before moving to Singapore.

Florence and Butch met in their early 20’s in Singapore. Deciding to pursue their dreams, they enrolled in College and arrived in the U.S in January of 1995 with $800 and a Powerful Work Ethic. They started at Golden West College where they also worked in the cafeteria and 7 years later,  while simultaneously working 3 jobs each, they graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Bsc in Business Administration and Management.

Florence led a rewarding career as a Bank Manager before deciding on the most challenging and demanding role of being a Full Time Mom to 2 daughters and an unconditional support for our Businesses. 


Taylor is an Inspiring and Loving person that marches to her own beat. She is a Hugger and can warm the heart when most needed. 

A Talented Pianist and A Black Belt in Martial Arts, she has a great ability to finish what she starts and we are most proud of her. 

She is currently attending the University of North Texas and Pursuing a Degree in Social Science. 


Payton is the Wild Thing that will make Your Heart Sing!

An amazing Spirit with a great ability to Love. She truly has a desire to Care and Help leave anyone better than when she found them. 

A Charismatic Athlete and Focused student, Payton is attending Baylor University majoring in Speech Pathology. 

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